Project L

By Laurens Mesure

Creative web developer intrigued by alternative styles and cultures. I create unique experiences with the latest technologies and design methods. From web applications to full scale online platforms as SaaS products.


Laurens Mesure
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Hi, I'm Laurens

I'm a Belgian developer, currently I am 22 years old. I created Project L because I wanted to have a creative outlet where I can reach more people and promote my services. Since I was a little kid I was always playing with computers, phones and programming. Through playing with programming and creating over the top projects that I could never finish, I learned new and unique skills that allowed me to create awesome websites.

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I'm always experimenting with the latest and cutting edge technologies. This enables me to try out new creative ways to make a project stand out. I'm also interested in hardware and automation, for example I created an automated environment that enables me to grow a bonsai indoors with optimal conditions.

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Alternative styles and cultures are very interesting to me. You can observe this through my various hobbies and creative design choices. For example, I like to listen to various music artists and styles like XXXTentacion, ZillaKami, City Morgue, Nirvana, King Von, Charlotte de Witte and much more.


In my free time I like to go to the gym or the cinema, but I also follow basketball and occasionally Formula 1. Although, I don't have a lot of free time because I like to work a lot. I'm currently trying to learn Japanese on my own which is very hard but very rewarding. I like to set unreachable goals for myself so that I can challenge myself everyday and strive for my goals.


The Vibe
The Harbour
Hack the future


Night in tokyo is a full SaaS platform specially made for harbours of all sizes. inspects your harbour and creates a full 3D reprisentation on the web. The platform allows harbours to easily manage their memberships, docks, boats, events and much more.